The Dream

When I was in Dehradun my mother told me that my father has gone to Rajasthan for some personal work and will be back after some days. I was in my sophomore when I came back for my fourth-semester exam break. One day we all were sitting after the brunch when my father was off to the office and we were playing ludo and chilling. Since summers in Delhi are deadly so we are in the habit of confining ourselves to our rooms with AC on and listening to mom’s stories. Playing and listening to stories mom tell us is the best part of our summer holidays since childhood. She tells stories so aesthetically that you would feel all the emotions and feel your presence at that very moment. We could feel us crying and laughing in front of us whenever she tells our childhood stories. She showed us the Augmented Reality(AR) when it was not known to the common world through her storytelling. I am telling you about her this skill because the story ahead will give you chills as it gave it to me when she told us.

My family was facing a lot of disturbance past few years. Everyone was mentally or physically unwell because of the few events we experienced in our life. We lost our paternal aunt and then my father was facing some issues in the office. I was struggling with my studies since being a medical aspirant pursuing engineering was difficult for me. And we were worried about my sibling’s future too.

One day my family was sleeping together when at midnight my father woke at once and was sitting in the corner of the cot with his head bend and hand folded. My mother could see his silhouette and before she could ask he screamed and fell back to the bed. Taking it as a bad dream she let him sleep. When they got up in the morning my father told her “I saw a man who just had a head and nobody and was surrounded by flowers till toe. He appeared to my bedside and asked me not to worry about whatever is happening in my life. He also told me that more bad things were going to happen but that person diverted them and saved my lives. Now he wants me to find about him and visit him. ” My mother convinced him that it might be a dream and so he got convinced too and left for office.

He was sitting in the office and was about to start discussing the event with his friend who is too spiritual so that if he could help with it. When suddenly another friend of his enters the room and interrupts the discussion by saying he is going on leave. My father asked him to sit down and tell him about the reason for his leave. He told him that he is taking his father who is about to die to a temple which they believe as their family God’s abode. My father then told him his dream and that person sitting over there had a chill and every strand of his hair was spiked. He told my father that he saw his totem(Kul Devta) in his dream and that’s rare for a person to see him in a dream who doesn’t know about him. That day my father came back home and told everything to my mother. She was shocked. The next day from the office my father decided to visit that temple with one of his colleagues and his friend who was taking his father too. He took all his belongings to his office so that he can leave for that place from there. But it seemed that it was not this easy-going trip.

The friend of his lost his father that same day. He called my father and asked him to leave for Rajasthan that same day and pray from his behalf too as it was his father’s last wish. So my father along with his colleague left for Railway station and waited there for the train. The train didn’t arrive so he asked a stallman “When will this train come to the platform?” And he replied “Sir, it just went part in front of your eyes moment back.” So this train has two names when it comes from there it has some name and going back it has another name. And this made confusion and they missed the train. He was about to cancel the trip when suddenly his colleague called a taxi and they both started their journey for Rajasthan.

None of them knew the way not even the driver. The only thing they trusted was google maps. On their way, they sometimes got lost but every time was guided back correctly after a few minutes of getting lost. At last, they reached the place and found that all the hotels were already booked. Till the time they were thinking of spending the night in the car since dawn was already about to start. Suddenly they saw an elderly watchman approaching them and he tod he has a room in his hotel. To the surprise the hotel was closest to the temple. They got up in a few hours, got freshen up, and pulled their steps towards the temple. The idol standing in front of him was of the same person he saw exactly in his dream. He was known as KHATU SHYAM JI in Rajasthan.That bright face and body covered with flowers.

In the event of Lakshagriha, the Pandavas wandering from forest to forest, met the demon named Hidimba. She wanted to get Bhima as a husband. Bhima and Hidimba were married by the orders of Mother Kunti, which led to the birth of Ghatotkacha. Ghatotkacha with Maurvi, daughter of Daitya Moor, had a son Barbarik who was stronger and more powerful than his father. Barbarik was an admirer of the goddess. By the goddess’s blessing she had received three celestial arrows, who used to return to their targets and return, due to which Barbaric became invincible. He was limited by his standard of continually battling on the losing side.

During the war of Mahabharata, Barbaric was coming to see the Kurukshetra war. Shri Krishna realized that if Barbaric joined the war, the outcome would be against the Pandavas. To stop Barbarika, Shri Krishna turned into a poor Brahmin and came before Barbarika. Being unaware, Shri Krishna asked Barbarik who you are and why you are going to Kurukshetra. In response, Barbarik stated that he is a donor warrior who can decide the war of Mahabharata with one of his arrows. When Shri Krishna wanted to take his test, he fired an arrow that pierced all the leaves of the Peepal tree. A leaf was under the foot of Shri Krishna, so the arrow stayed on the foot. Srikrishna was astounded by Barbaric’s capacity and needed to by one way or another keep him from taking part in the war. For this, Shri Krishna said to Barbarik that you are incredible and you won’t give anything to this poor? When Barbarik asked for the donation, Shri Krishna asked Barbarik for his head. Barbarik understood that it was not someone common Brahmin and asked him to give a real introduction. After knowing the reality he got ready to give his head to him.

Before the beginning of the Mahābhārata battle, Barbarika’s last wish was to see the war “Mahabharat” so Lord Krishna himself placed his head on the top of a mountain for Barbarika to see the war. The Pandavas were arguing to get credit for victory when victory was won by Sri. Then Shri Krishna said that its decision can make the head of Barbarik. Sheesh of Barbarik told that the Sudarshan Chakra of Shri Krishna was going on in the war, as warriors were falling in the battlefield like a cut tree. Draupadi was drinking blood in the form of Mahakali. Sri Krishna was pleased and gave a boon to that severed head of Barbarika that in Kalyug you will be worshiped by my Shyam name. After many years when Kalyug started the head was found buried in the village of Khatu (District- Sikar).

He is known by a few other names like Barbarika: Khatushyam’s youth name was Barbarika. His mom and family members used to call him by this name before the name Shyam given by Krishna. Sheesh Ke Daani: “Giver of Head”.Haare Ka Sahara: Literally: “Backing of the crushed”; Upon his mom’s exhort, Barbarika set out to help whoever has less force and is losing. Consequently, he is known by this name. Teen Baan Dhaari: “Bearer of three arrows”; Reference is to the three infallible arrows that he received as a boon from God Shiva.

I can even feel the chills right now when I am writing this. I know many of us will not believe but our family does.The way my father saw him when he had no idea who he was and the way all the events were lining up. We believe in the story. And now we believe in Shyam Ji keeping his eye on us and blessing us every moment.

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